We founded Hearby so we can all find the best local live music nearby. Then came Covid.

We currently track all the live music shows we can find across 70 cities. While many indoor venues remain closed at this point, we are committed to helping people find and safely enjoy live music as it returns to our lives.  We’re an independent start-up in Cambridge, MA, so if you see something that we could be doing better, we’d love to hear from you. If you know of venue, festival, pop-up or drive in live music show we have missed, please let us know.

We’ve always believed there’s something for everyone out there. We want to help you find it & do so safely as artists and audience figure out this new paradigm.

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Hippie Hour with Uncle Johnny's Band

Paddy O's

5:00p 18+ $10

6orn, Bee's Deluxe

Wednesday, Oct 12, 7:00 PM
at The Sinclair, in Boston, MA

The line up


Darryl's Corner Bar & Restaurant

Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen slings southern comfort food alongside jazz, funk, R&B and so much more!

Given Covid, check with venue for changes. Call venue (555) 555 5555 or

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